We stock all varieties to help you choose the most appropriate rollator for your individual requirements.

Have you seen people using a shopping trolley to support as they walk? Do you think it is important that you find the most appropriate walker or rollator to help you with your mobility? Then we would advise you to pass by and try one at our showroom before you buy it anywhere else. We carry over thirty different types of Walkers so that you find  one that suits you the most and motivates you to use it as often as you can so that it dramatically improves not only your mobility but your desire to be more mobile.


Basic Features

You can have a walker with four wheels or three wheels. Or you can choose one with skis or tips. You can have hand brakes, or a compression brake. They come with seat or without seat. They are available in different seat heights.  There are different types and sizes of wheels. Selection of the wheel size would depend upon where you would use your walker most often. If you suffer from Arthritis, its good to pay attention to the types of the hand brakes. That will make a lot of difference how often you would want to use one. Most of them fold for easy handling. Some fold side ways while others fold in other directions. In most models you can adjust the arm height. In a few models you can adjust the seat height as well.

Read more on how you can choose the most suitable walker in our “Complete Guide to Walkers” in our “Resources” page above.

If you like your walker to show your individuality, we have some very stylish and trendy walkers with European Designs

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Then there are walkers that help you manage your daily chores with ease. Tray mobiles or Trolley Walkers are brilliant indoor walkers, ideal for movement around the house and nursing home usage. Ergonomic and safe. They come in various models too, with hand brakes, removable trays, with different wheels size and so on.

Ultra light Walkers

We have a range of walkers that are very light in weight but at the same time they are very sturdy and durable. It makes the tasks of taking it out of the car boot less daunting. Ultra light walkers are available in a variety of models, with seat, without seats, four wheels as well as three wheels.

We invite you to visit our showroom and try one for yourself before you make that very critical investment in your health and mobility.

If you like to see more on line please go to “Walkers and Wheel Chairs” in our  “Shop online” section above.

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