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Comfort Discovered has been in operation for over thirty years and have had a very large number of satisfied customers. Here are some of the more recent testimonials customers have voluntarily offered us.


"I bought an electric chair off this company and I was impressed with the genuineness of their interest in my welfare. I am very happy with the electric chair and can confirm that I am one of the only ones to have been put into an electric chair and survived to tell the tale.
I recommend Comfort Discovered because of their genuine interest in helping people."

"I'm a full-time carer of my grandmother.  To be able to keep her home as she becomes more frail, we needed a range of mobility equipment.  Reji and his team were great- they helped me decide what we did and didn't need (instead of just trying to sell us stuff).  For example, when we were going to need an expensive version of a shower chair, Reji was apologetic about the price!

Also, my experience in most of aged care is that providers always seem to expect me to know everything. It's frustrating and isolating. Comfort Discovered take the time to get to know your circumstances and make appropriate recommendations - they ask questions instead of relying on you to know what you need (because what do I know about mobility equipment?). They are supportive, give you options, and actually care that you've got the right solutions for your circumstances. I can't recommend them highly enough." - KATHLEEN O'ROURKE


“Thank you to you all for coming to our aid in regard to the electric chair for my son. You all went out of your way to help us when we needed it."


“Comfort Discovered is a very friendly and helpful company offering a huge range of products to assist people in our community who are disabled or elderly. The staff is highly knowledgeable about the many modern solutions available to assist ...” - ADRIENNE MCLEAN



“I am a 78 year old paraplegic completely unable to use my legs to even stand up or walk and have been like this for 14 months. Initially I was recommended to a number of other suppliers by so called occupational therapists where I purchased the inappropriate wheelchairs [two] a shower chair and various small pieces of equipment which were inappropriate and have had to be discarded. I was recommended to Comfort Discovered by one of my Carer’s. I have since replaced the two wheelchairs, modified the shower chair, purchased an adjustable “Hospital” bed with mattress and other comfort items eg. Padded socks, arm extensions, back scratchers to name just a few. All have been perfect for my needs and it has been well over $3000 well spent whereas on the wrong equipment I wasted over half this amount. It is so important to be guided by proven experts and Rejimon and Geoff are exceptionally brilliant. You will not find more experienced people in this field. Moreover their prices were far more competitive than the original equipment that was discarded. I cannot speak too highly of them and I would be happy to confirm my recommendation should you wish to speak to me personally. Do not hesitate to ask either Rej or Geoff for my phone number.”- JAMES MOORE, ST IVES NSW