Top 20 Must-Haves for Arthritis Sufferers

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  • Arthritis Gloves : Handeze support /Body Assist soft compression gloves

Super soft compression gloves for improved circulation & assisted relief from arthritis, hand fatigue, pain, swelling & cold hands.


  • Tube master

Tube master helps the arthritis patient to  squeeze out the last remains of the tubes in a simple way.


  • Fastener free bra

The Fastener Free bra is soft and comfortable, easy to get on and off, and has no hooks or wires.


  • Tap Turner

The tap turner acts as a tap lever to help you to turn your taps on and off with ease.


  • Jar Opener

jar opener is a kitchen device which is used to open glass jars easily.


  • Key Turner

Key turners help make turning keys and opening doors easier for those with weak hand strength or hand disabilities.


  • Angled/bendable spoon & fork

The fork has a soft cushioned, ribbed rubber grip and is easy and comfortable to use for those with a weakness in their hands.


  • Button hook

A small hook with a long handle for fastening tight buttons.


  • Easy clipper

This is the easy-to-use  nail clipper, ideal for those with limited manual dexterity.


  • Long handled scissors

Ideal for people with difficulty to reach and cut their toe nails.


  • Arthro balm

Arthro Balm is an Australian made and approved product which relieves the pain of arthritis and muscular pain.


  • Lotion Applicator

This Applicator is an easy way to apply lotion or bath gel on your back.


  • Circulation sock

They are worn to improve circulation in the legs and feet.


  • Elastic shoe lace

Never worry or stress about ever tying your shoes again…use elastic shoe laces.


  • Shoe horn

A curved instrument used for easing one’s heel into a shoe.


  • Kitchen workstation

It is a preparation unit designed to provide assistance with many day-to-day kitchen tasks.


  • Cling wrap cutter

The Cling Wrap Cutter is the easy way to cut cling-wrap. It minimizes waste, tangles and is a slimline design for easy storage.


  • Gel hand exercise ball

Hand exerciser for grip strength, dexterity, mobility and fine and gross motor skills.


  • Multi Grip jar opener

It is simple to open even the most stubborn lids with this clever twist jar opener from any size.


  • Long handled sponge

Sponge on long coated wire  which is flexible enough to bend to any shape to make reaching easier.


  • Bottom wiper

A long handled aid that holds toilet paper or wet wipes. It has a lightweight curved plastic shaft.