Smart Solutions to Beat Back Pain

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Is there anyone among us, who is not depended on a car for our mobility? Or is there any one, who is not spending a few hours sitting in front of their computers? In reality, there are many among us, whose livelihood is depended on driving around for hours or working on a computer for not so short duration. In these circumstances, if we do not provide adequate support for our back, it can lead to discomfort or pain.  One easy step to prevent a potential problem is to use the correct back support in the vehicle or on the chair one is accustomed to use at work or leisure. In some cases, these back supports not only prevent, but, alleviate the pain associated with back pain.

1. Check and Improve the support to your lower back using one or more of these below:

  • Obus forme Low /Highback
  • Basset Lumbar support
  • KP Back Companion
  • McKenzie products
  • Theramed
  • Body Assist Back Rest

2. Try using a back brace

  • Sacro Cynch
  • McDavid
  • Oppo

3. Have you checked your seating support?

A seat wedge can substantially improve your seating posture and the pressure on your back. We have seen a lot of instant improvement by introducing a seat wedge on your regular place to sit, your car or on your office chair. Here are some options:

  • Body assist Seat wedge
  • Bace-Eze Back support Mark I and Mark II
  • Memory Foam Seat cushion
  • Theramed seat cushion
  • MEDesign Back Friend….is a seat within a seat that can relieve back pain in many cases
  • Try using an airback cushion or a McKenzie roll….