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Safe and Simple

Hiring is the safest and simple way to try any equipment. It makes sense to hire if the requirement is of short-term nature and if user does not know what the right equipment is.

We have a large pool of Hire Equipment which you can hire for a week, month or as long as you need, subject to certain conditions.

Hiring mobility products is cost effective and saves you the time and inconvenience of storage.

Rent Walkers
Rent Wheelchairs

Try, Then Buy

In most cases, if the customer chooses to buy the hired equipment within the first week (in special situations two weeks) of hire, the hire fees goes towards the purchase price.

We truly believe that you don't get the true experience of a product until you live with it. This is the perfect opportunity to try out the equipment before you buy.

Please call the show room 1300 662 880 for details or write to info@comfortdiscovered.com. CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS (Mon–Fri: 9:00am–5:00pm) (Saturday: 9.00am – 4.00pm) Sunday by confirmed prior appointments

Wheelchairs for Hire from $45.00 Per Week

Crutches for Hire from $15.00 Per Week

Chairs for Hire from $35.00 Per Week

Tables for Hire from $20.00 Per Week

Bedroom Aids for Hire from $25.00 Per Week

Toilet Seat/Raisers for Hire from $8.00 Per Week

Bathroom/Shower Aids for Hire from $20.00 Per Week

Mobility Products for Hire from $8.00 Per Week

Impact of Covid-19 on our terms and conditions of Hire and Sale

We are no exception to the impact of covid-19 on the supply Chain management and logistics. However, we make best efforts to keep the impact to the minimum as possible.

You may experience delays in delivery as a consequence of the delays from our network partners that carry stock from our local and overseas suppliers as well as by our couriers who are carrying out domestic delivery. So please provide additional allowances for the situations which are out of our control.

Wherever possible we will be making sure that the delivery destinations are Covid-19 compliant for the well-being of our team and the community. As a mutual obligation we will make our best efforts to ensure that all our staff are following strict Covid Compliance.

HIRE: There may be restrictions on the range of products/terms of hire due to the Pandemic for the good of the customers/staff members and larger community. We are guided by the Health Dept, advice of the related other Government Departments and Industry Associations. Thank you for your understanding.