AT Assessment Clinic

Mobility | Dignity | Independence

The process of selecting and purchasing the correct equipment can be overwhelming, time consuming and expensive yet it is an important decision.

Comfort Discovered as AT Specialists offers an independent Occupational Therapist for a personal assessment, considering the medical, physical and cognitive aspects of the individual with a written report of suitability and funding justification.

The assessment is conducted in our showroom to allow trials from the wide range of equipment options.



What is included:

♦ Assessment of medical and functional needs
♦ Assessment of anthropometrics (individual sizing and ergonomics)
♦ Trial and assessment of different AT options
♦ Report detailing equipment trialled and clinical justification for clinicians’ recommendations which can be passed onto the relevant funding body
♦ Assessment in Showroom
♦ Fees can usually be reimbursed by your Provider
♦ Home trails can also be arranged


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