Get a Spring in your step!

That’s what Mavis got literally and figuratively this spring. She needed a walking aid to improve her mobility, but could not find a suitable one, until she found the ultra-light gorgeous looking Carbon Fiber Seat walker with Leather seat and back rest weighing no more than five kilos! Functionality and aesthetics combined in one. So if you have not found that spring in your step, we will help you find one this spring.






This is a season of freshness, new life, and hope! As we welcome spring let us examine what we can do with a renewed dedication that will have a positive impact on our health and wellbeing. Spring is a great season to resume some of the good habits we left behind, like going for a walk. It’s not too hot, not too cold.



Mobility is such an important aspect in our everyday life. Mobility promotes not only our social and emotional wellbeing, it plays a vital role in our physical wellbeing, functioning of our critical internal organs..

Spring is a season to think about your more long term mobility needs. Are you going to surrender your independence because of the loss of the driving licence or your inability to drive due to a physical condition or development? Being mobile is one sure way of retaining your independence. A mobility scooter is a great option. There are 7 questions you need to ask while thinking of a motorised mobility equipment. They are:





  1.  Is it a power chair or Mobility Scooter?



2. Size and Portability: Do you require the scooter to be a portable one?

    Or you would like a stable scooter primarily to be used in one location?

3. Three wheel or four wheel? Four wheels ensures more stability whereas three wheel has shorter turning circle.
4. Compliance with Australian Standards

5. Warranty and Back Up Service: Like your car a scooter has to be backed up with a strong warranty and technical support. Battery is another important element in the selection

6. Features: Do you want a Luggage carrier? A canopy to shied you from the sun and rain? A comfortable seat?

7. Test Drive: No body sensible buys a car without a test drive. Why would you buy yours without one?