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By Comfort Discovered Team posted 28.10.2016
Get a Spring in your step!

That’s what Mavis got literally and figuratively this spring. She needed a walking aid to improve her mobility, but could not find a suitable one, until she found the ultra-light gorgeous looking Carbon Fiber Seat walker with Leather seat and back rest weighing no more than five kilos! Functionality and aesthetics combined in one. So …

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By Comfort Discovered Team posted 05.07.2016
Three Winter Essentials

This is the time to review your comfort in and around home.  Have a good look at your bed and pillow. Are they providing you the support and comfort that you deserve during this season? One creative way to multiply your comfort is to opt for an electric bed that provides a lot of great …

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By Comfort Discovered Team posted 24.06.2016
Rise and Shine with Ease!

Cooler temperature can lure us to stay longer in our bed. Our Bedside Rail will assist you to rise and shine with ease! This very innovative sturdy bed rail can easily help to stand from bed with an adjustable leg that provide extra stability.

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By Comfort Discovered Team posted 11.01.2016
Mobility for Enhanced Independence

  Most mobility scooters are safe if used appropriately. A recent survey jointly conducted by ACCC, NRMA, Choice, EnableNSW and others found that about 95% of trips on a mobility scooter involve no injury or damage of any kind. This might be a comforting discovery for many of us who either postpone or avoid the …

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By Comfort Discovered Team posted 11.12.2015
Wrap a helpful solution this season

We may be coming older, but we still love the magic of Christmas. One of the best things about the Christmas/New Year season – besides the food, families and fun – is the opportunity to be in contact. We like to thank you for your continued support. We would not have come this far – …

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By admin posted 11.11.2015
Out And About

This is a season of freshness, new life, and hope! As we welcome spring let us examine what we can do with a renewed dedication that will have a positive impact on our health and wellbeing. Spring is a great season to be out and about. It’s not too hot, not too cold.Mobility is such …

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By admin posted 08.10.2015
“Enhancing Independence, Mobility and Dignity”

Independence comes with mobility and our ability to conduct our daily chores with least dependence on others. Simple products like a reacher, a walker, a wheel chair or a mobility scooter can make a huge difference to how we feel about ourselves. This feeling of self worth and self-esteem comes with our ability to do …

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