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By Comfort Discovered Team posted 07.07.2022
Made-to-measure or Bespoke?

July 2022 It is hard to elucidate how you feel when you are in an outfit that was specifically crafted for you. It makes you feel wonderful as it makes you look gorgeous. We spend extended time indoors and on our chairs during this season. Designer-made, great looking, attractive furniture need not necessarily make us …

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By Comfort Discovered Team posted 06.06.2022
Do You Have a Sore Thumb?

Do you have thumb osteoarthritis or thumb instability? Unfortunately, this can cause a lot of problems in daily life. Activities such as writing, opening jars and turning keys can be painful Arthritis is a disorder in which the cartilage of the joints becomes worn or inflamed. In a healthy joint, the ends of the bones …

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By Comfort Discovered Team posted 16.05.2022
Mother’s Day Gift

May 2022 Finding a cosy chair to sit down and relax is very important especially as the winter is approaching. A rise recliner or a lift chair can be a very lasting mother’s day gift. Here’s some tip on how to choose one. All chairs give some support, but think about the following questions. Does …

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By Comfort Discovered Team posted 17.04.2022
Home care essentials

April 2022Seniors, Sleep Matters!As we grow older, we tend to spend more time on bed. It is wonderful that we can find that extra time. We pay attention to factors that influence our sleep when we are challenged with our sleep.Thanks to constant research, our understanding of sleep, its vital role and how our body …

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By Comfort Discovered Team posted 05.04.2022
Keep Walking…..

Mobility is an important aspect of our everyday life. Mobility promotes not only our social and emotional wellbeing, it plays a vital role in our physical wellbeing, functioning of our critical internal organs. Walking enhances overall health of muscles, bones, joints, circulation, heart, lungs, digestion, bowels, mind… However, with walking comes the risk of falls. …

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By Comfort Discovered Team posted 24.01.2022
Powered Mobility: Is it for me?

4th January 2022 There are many of us who are not able to enjoy outdoor due to our dependence on others. Powered mobility is the answer. We often hear people say “I am not ready for this yet”. What I hear more often is “I wish I did this sooner”. An AT Specialist can assist …

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By Comfort Discovered Team posted 20.07.2021
Lock Down Essentials For Dad

Here are three essentials to beat the gloom of this lock down. A comfortable and functional Chair, a rise recliner or a lift chair that will assist the person to easily get up or to recline will be ideal. There are electric recliners that fit every budget, style and size. You can even get one …

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By Comfort Discovered Team posted 03.06.2021
Arthritis and Aids for Daily Living

Winter is a time when sufferers of arthritis face some challenge. Arthritis is Australia’s major cause of disability and pain. What causes Arthritis in the first place? It can be due to genetic factors, or due to what happens to your life, for instance, accidents, and finally how you lived your life, life style choices …

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By Comfort Discovered Team posted 30.04.2021
Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts

Growing old gracefully and beautifully is the right of every women.  However, as we get older, it appears as though our body is not catching up with our mind. Some tasks get more daunting. Independence comes with mobility and our ability to conduct our daily chores with least dependence on others. Simple solutions like a …

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By Comfort Discovered Team posted 15.02.2021
Compression Socks. Is it for me?

February 2021 Compression Socks. Is it for me? Discomfort of the legs, like leg pain, heaviness, and/or leg tiredness, as well as swollen feet and ankles, can be first signs of venous disorder. Medical compression can help. Medical compression therapy applies a type of elastic device on limbs or other body parts to exert a …

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