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Independence | Mobility | Dignity

Since 1984

We are celebrating 30 years at the service of the community, helping to enhance the independence, mobility and dignity of our customers. Ours is one of the largest showrooms in Sydney with several hundred  solutions  in display and a wide range of products in every category. Its some time important to mention how long we have been doing this. This long term experience has given us the knowledge and expertise not only to impart the correct advice to our customers but also to choose the solutions that we decide to stock. Its our customers who have enhanced our knowledge with their valuable feedback on most of the solutions we have in store. So our recommendations are based on the accumulated feedback we have gathered from our customers over the past three decades. And that is why its important for us to mention how long we have been doing what we are doing.



We take pride in saying we have the expertise in every sector that we cater to. It may surprise some what knowledge is required to select the most appropriate walking stick, to begin with. We understand mobility scooters and power chairs.  We have an excellent service team, should you need it at any time.


The whole Range

We understand that your needs are unique. We provide a solution that is built around your specific need.