Terms and Conditions of Hire & Sale

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Impact of Covid-19 on our terms and conditions of Hire and Sale

We are no exception to the impact of covid-19 on the supply Chain management and logistics. However, we make best efforts to keep the impact to the minimum as possible.

You may experience delays in delivery as a consequence of the delays from our network partners that carry stock from our local and overseas suppliers as well as by our couriers who are carrying out domestic delivery. So please provide additional allowances for the situations which are out of our control.

Wherever possible we will be making sure that the delivery destinations are Covid-19 compliant for the well being of our team and the community. As a mutual obligation we will make our best efforts to ensure that all our staff are following strict Covid Compliance.

HIRE: There may be restrictions on the range of products/terms of hire due to the Pandemic for the good of the customers/staff members and larger community. We are guided by medical advise and the advise of the related Government Department and Industry Associations.


  1. The Hire shall use the goods only for the purpose for which they were designed and intended for
  2. The Hirer shall ensure that the goods shall be used only for the purpose described by them when entering into this hire agreement.
  3. The Hirer shall be liable for damage, other than fair wear and tear due to normal operation to the goods.
  4. The Hirer shall pay all costs associated with the repair arising out of miss-use or miss-treatment, whether intentional or otherwise.
  5. The Hirer shall be liable for any damage and/or injury to person/s, and/or property, including that of a third party.
  6. The Owner shall not be bound to cover any costs or loss suffered by the Hirer arising out of this agreement.
  7. The Hirer shall comply with all Federal, State and/or Local Government laws, by-laws and regulations.
  8. The Hirer shall register, with the Road Traffic Authority, or any other appropriate authority, any goods which by statute are required to be registered by virtue of their use on a public street or public place.
  9. The Owner shall cover the goods against theft and/or malicious damage by a third party not related to the Hirer.
  10. The Hirer shall ensure that at all times the goods are safely stored in a secure dry place when not in use.
  11. The Hirer shall, as soon as practicable, inform the owner and the police of the circumstances leading to the damage or theft of the goods. Failure to do so may render the hirer responsible for the full amount of the damage or loss.
  12. The Hirer shall not lend, let out, rent or hire, leave abandoned, offer as security, pledge, encumber, alter, attach items to the goods, and/or otherwise disadvantage the owner.
  13. The Hirer shall return the goods in a clean and workable condition. Goods not returned in a clean and workable condition shall attract a cleaning fee of $60 per hour (minimum charge $30) and/or repair cost.
  14. The Owner shall not be bound for refund of any unused rental.
  15. The Hirer agrees that any additional charges arising out of this agreement may be charged to the Hirer’s credit card account without further reference to the Hirer.
  16. The Hire will be extended on a weekly basis and charged to the CC provided if the item is not returned on scheduled date without any further contact to the hirer.
  17. Hire charges for the first week may be adjusted against a purchase, if within the first week of hire.
  18. If any other arrangement is agreed by the Owner, it need to be endorsed in writing on the first hire Invoice.