Our Mission

Mobility | Dignity | Independence
Our mission is to enhance the independence and to empower people to live their lives with dignity, mobility and comfort.

We’ve stayed true to this ethos for over 30 years, by striving to provide innovative and helpful solutions to our customers. Enhancing independence of our customers is at the core of our purpose. Improving or maintaining mobility is one of the critical aspects of that independence. We believe in rediscovering or maintaining independence and mobility one can strive to have comfort within the  confines of one’s own very personal and unique situation. We are acutely aware that these are very relative, and in knowing that we reckon how important it is to the individual concerned. The quintessential consideration while pursuing the independence, mobility and comfort is to do that for the highest dignity of the person seeking it. It is not devoid of challenges to the person concerned, his or her families, carers, the professionals or the providers involved. So it definitely takes effort, and lots of it. Therefore there is an element of search and discovery. Therefore we are proud to keep our old fashioned name  in the search for “Comfort” of our customers : “Comfort Discovered”